EDSI 2017

8th Annual Conference of the European Decision Sciences Institute (EDSI 2017): Information and Operational Decision Sciences, Granada (Spain)

About EDSI
EDSI is the European division of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) ( EDSI is the non-profit organization of European scholars and executives interested in decision making in private and public organizations. EDSI is the European network focused on multi-disciplinary research and teaching activities in the field of Decision Sciences. 
Information and Operational Decision Sciences
The Conference theme is “Information and Operational Decision Sciences: The Interplay of Information Technology and Operational Decision Sciences”. Information technology (IT) capabilities enable firms to digitally transform their business processes to pursue business flexibility, quality, and innovation, thus improving the firms’ operational performance. Operational capabilities and performance are the heart of the business model to survive in the long run.
As two separate fields in many Business Schools (i.e., Information Systems and Operations Management), sometimes it seems as IT is from Mars and operations management from Venus. The Decision Sciences community is the ideal platform to pursue an “anti-disciplinary” (i.e., multi-disciplinary) approach to develop research and teaching work combining the two fields. Because in the interplay of IT and operational decision making the whole is more than the sum of its parts, this Conference calls for high-quality research on the interplay of IT and operational decision making.
The 1st Annual Conference of the EDSI was hosted by IESE Business School in Barcelona (Spain) in 2010, and it come back to Spain (Granada) in 2017. The Conference is hosted by the Department of Management of the University of Granada, an “anti-disciplinary” Department that integrates the field of Operations Management, Strategy, Information Systems, and Human Resource Management, which converts it in an ideal place to manage the Conference.  
EDSI 2017 Journals publication opportunities
  •   Decision Sciences Journal

  •   International Journal of Production Economics
  •   Industrial Management & Data Systems
  •   Operations Management Research
  •   Universia Business Review
  •   International Journal of Business Environment

The best full papers selected by the Scientific Committee will be considered for publication in the International Journal of Production Economics, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Operations Management Research, and Universia Business Review subject to review. Two Special Issues for the Decision Sciences Journal and International Journal of Business Environment are being managed.